Wales Football Fixtures

In the country, football is an iconic, classic sport that has a considerable following. Teams based here are featured in online casinos, where you can place bets on your favorite side.

If you’ve been searching for a football league that offers thrilled and intriguing actions, check on the Wales football fixtures and enjoy the entertainment right at the comfort of your home.

Most matches played are aired online to cater for fans not able to visit the stadiums in real-time.

Additionally, fans can stream the actions during matchday on reputable online websites.

How many leagues are played in Wales?

There are competitive leagues that range from the national to the famous Welsh. The national team is also renowned for its outstanding performance in both the global and European level.

There are distinctive leagues played in Wales today, which are currently postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, four leagues catch the attention of global fans which are:

  • Cymru Premier (12 clubs)
  • Cymru North (17 clubs)
  • Welsh National Division One (12 clubs)
  • Welsh National Premier Division (16 clubs)

These leagues have exciting features and the level of competition is outstanding.

Wales national team fixtures

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the national team was prepared for several upcoming matches. The team was bound to play in the UEFA Nations League, European Championships, and international friendly matches.

Currently, Ryan Giggs, a football legend, steers the national team wheel and Ashley Williams serves as the captain. Giggs is renowned for his legendary thrills in Manchester United, where he helped the team collect several accolades.

The national team has top-notch players such as:

  • Gareth Bale
  • Aaron Ramsey
  • Ashley Williams
  • David Brooks

Most of the fixtures that were destined to take place have been postponed.

Major leagues in Wales – Stats and Standings

Cymru Premier is recognized as the national football tournament of Wales. The competition brings together both semi-professional and veteran players.

Currently, it consists of 12 teams and is subject to allegations and promotions. The underperforming teams are relegated to the Cymru South and Cymru North leagues.

Just like the others, there are featured domestic cups. Here, the Welsh Cup and the Welsh League Cup are the local awards on board.

Currently, Connay’s Quay Nomads are on top with 56 points, followed by The New Saints with 52 points.

Sponsorship Deals

In every tournament, some stakeholders believe in a common cause and decide to sponsor the overall operations. Several sponsors have been facilitating the smooth running of Cymru Premier fixtures this season.

The JD company is the official sponsor of the Welsh Cup and Cymru Leagues and S4C the official broadcast partner.

The famous Mitre Company has been supplying balls during the entire season, whereas Nathaniel Company is the official sponsor of the Welsh Cup.

Adidas is the official supplier of kits for officials while SEGA is the gaming partner.

Why are there Welsh clubs in the Premier League?

How well do you know football? Many fans wonder why some Welsh clubs are allowed to play in the English Premier League while some are not.

Some clubs such as Cardiff City, Wrexham, Merthyr Town, Colwyn Bay, Swansea City, and Newport take pride in playing at the English League and other divisions.

When they were formed, the Welsh League was not established yet. This left the teams no choice but to join the famous English League.

Today, the clubs are subject to qualifications where they play through the pyramid, just as other teams do.

Progress of matches played in the Premier League and where to bet

The Cymru Premier 2019/2020 kickstarted well but was forced to pause after the Coronavirus outbreak. Before the break, 11 games had been played, accounting for 37% progress.

A total of 19 matches, which accounts for 63%, awaits the resume to be played.

The 2019/2020 season is different from the other seasons, as the away teams recorded most wins compared to the home teams.

However, you can expect the football fixtures to kickstart again and experience the goal-scoring moments, considering most of the matches recorded an average score of 2.82 goals per game.


This country’s football leagues have proved to be competitive and worth your time. The featured tournaments are subject to relegating and promoting teams – hence team performs at their level best to remain at the top of the renowned Cymru Premier League.

Just like other leagues, Wales football has official sponsors who oversee the overall operations of the tournament. You can show your support by attending matchdays and watch events as they unravel.

These football fixtures and leagues are now available on online casinos, where you can pick your favorite team and place a bet.


What channel is the Wales game on?

Usually the games are being shown on ITV and S4C.

What Premier League team is in Wales?

There are two teams from the welsh clubs in the Premier League, Swansea and Cardiff City.

How many Welsh teams are in the English league?

Swansea City, Cardiff City, Newport Country, Wrexham, and Merthyr Town have all played in the English leagues.