most successful English football club

Following their Champions League victory in Madrid, which saw them lift the trophy in May 2019, Liverpool rose to become level with their rivals, Manchester United. However, this would change following Liverpool’s victory over Flamengo in the Club World Cup in December 2019. This victory placed Liverpool above Manchester United with 44 major trophies. Liverpool can now claim the top spot as the most trophy-laden football club in England, cementing their position as the most successful English football club.

Domestic Trophies

Having won the English title 18 times, Liverpool falls in the second place for most domestic trophies in England, just behind Manchester United, who have won 20 domestic titles. Until the 2019/2020 season, Liverpool had won their last domestic trophy in the 1989/1990 season. In this period, Manchester United took over the reign and managed to catch up to, and even exceed, Liverpool’s domestic football league trophies tally, which placed them in the first spot ahead of Liverpool.

Champions League

You cannot mention Liverpool’s success without a word on their Champions League success. The club has scooped six trophies since they started participating in the competition. This makes them the most successful club in England as far as Champions League success is concerned. Only Manchester United comes close, with three trophies. Following their success in 2019, where they beat Tottenham in the Champions League final, Liverpool reclaimed their spot along with Manchester United as the most successful English clubs.

FA Cup

In addition to domestic football league trophies, Liverpool has also won seven FA Cup trophies. The FA Cup, which is organised by the Football Association, is a domestic English competition. Liverpool is among successful football clubs in this competition, with Arsenal remaining the most successful in the competition after they won 13 titles. Although Liverpool does not top this list, their other major achievements place them higher in the rankings for England’s most successful football clubs.

League Cup

Also in domestic competitions, Liverpool has a good record in the League Cup. They have won the title eight times, making them the club with the most League Cup titles. This record further reinforces their dominance, not only in domestic competitions but also European competitions, where the club has recently asserted authority. Even with their last win of the trophy being in 2003, Liverpool still leads the list with eight trophies for the domestic competition.

FIFA Club World Cup

Organized by FIFA, the Club World Cup awards the world title to the best club. Founded in 2000, the competition is highly competitive, with Real Madrid leading six trophies. Liverpool won their first FIFA Club World Cup trophy in December 2019 following the victory over Flamengo, further extending the club’s footprint among the most successful in Europe. Manchester United, having won the title in 2008, matches Liverpool FIFA Club World Cup, making these the only English football clubs to lift the trophy.


Later rebranded as the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Cup brings together clubs from across Europe’s best leagues. Liverpool won the title three times, in the 2000/2001, 1975/1976, and 1972/1976 seasons. Over the years, the club has earned more honours across different European and domestic competitions, bringing their total trophy tally as of December 2019 to 44 and claiming the top spot as the most successful football club in England, beating their rivals Manchester United.

For a while, Manchester United retained the top spot as the most successful English football club. That would be the case until Liverpool Football Club reclaimed the throne following Champions League victory in May 2019 and Club World Cup win over Flamengo in December 2019. With a good run in the 2019/2020 Premier League season, Liverpool looks to further reinforce their dominance as the best club in England by adding the domestic trophy to their tally.