Fastest Football Player in the World

fastest football player

If you think of the best professional athletes in the world, you’ll know each has a particular skill set they bring to their respective sports. Footballers are no different, and one of the primary skills that set the good apart from the best is speed. 

Of course, many other factors come into play here as well. But we can’t help to be impressed by the quickest feet on the pitch. Speed is a vital skill that many try and better, as it gives significant advantages to different positions as well.

You wouldn’t want your defenders huffing and puffing, trying in vain to backtrack up the field when the defense is most needed. 

The difference in speed can have a team make a turn around in a matter of seconds. You can go from defense to attack, at the snap of a finger. Read on to find who is, was, and have been some of the fastest soccer players over the years. 

Who Is the Fastest Football Player?

While some come out faster than others, there are a few footballers who make the list of who is the quickest soccer player in the world. But it’s not down to one or two, read below to see who makes the list.

You can also see who is the quickest soccer player over 100m distance, and the best from the last few years. 

This young footballer hails from France and is currently amongst the fastest soccer players in the world, its Kylian Mbappe. Kylian’s been described as speed personified and recorded a pace of around 22 miles per hour.

As you can imagine, this makes him quite tricky to catch and truly a nightmare to defend. 

The Colombian, Orlando Berrio, comes in as the next quickest football player. His recorded speed is matching that of Mbappe. His slick dribbling skills and speedy footwork have seen him split the defense and make it away in record speed. 

Inaki Williams came onto the scene and quickly made his mark as one of the finest and fastest soccer players. Williams has been recorded at blitzing speeds of 22 miles per hour, debuting as La Liga’s quickest soccer player in 2015.

Who is the fastest footballer in the world?

fastest football player

Everton football club’s Theo Walcott has also been ranked time and again as one of the fastest soccer players in the world. Although he battled many injuries over his footballing career, there’s no doubting Walcott’s thunderous velocity on a soccer field. 

Leroy Sane was the Premier League’s quickest footballer last season. He relentlessly performs at top speeds, no matter what the challenge. 

Then there’s a name that needs no further introduction, Jamie Vardy. Vardy has impressed major clubs with his gifted pace and joins some of the greats as one of the fastest footballer.

You can (try to) catch his impressive footwork in the Premier League, but you have to be quick. 

One last soccer player worth mentioning is Karim Bellarabi. He is most legendary for his record of scoring the quickest goal scored in the history of the German Bundesliga. Bellarabi slotted the ball into the net in just nine seconds, how’s that for explosive?

Fastest Football Player Ever

While there are more than a few fast footballers, there will always be one a cut above the rest.

Gareth Bale takes this position as the quickest soccer player ever. He has continuously taken the number one spot with recorded speeds of around 23 miles per hour. 

This is likely no surprise to football fans around the world. Bale has stood out in his speed and skills as one of the best of his generation. His reputation precedes him. Gareth Bale is one to have any opposing team shaking in their boots. 

Fastest Football Player 2018

Of course, every season, we see new faces and rising talents. Soccer academies are continuously spitting out top young players. Each one is more impressive than the last.

Those who climbed the speed ranks in the past might not necessarily be the top quickest footballers now. 

Although Gareth Bale has been sitting in a top position for a few years now, he was only second in 2018. Bale was second to Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben, who only had him beat by a few seconds. His reign was short-lived when Bale overtook his pace in the following years. 

Fastest Football Player 100m

You can see who is quickest by on-screen performances. But football clubs regularly have sprint tests to keep their top performers doing just that. Clubs are unlikely to make this information available to the public though for fear of the opposition. 

This is merely a prediction by FIFA to judge the fastest soccer player over 100m. Currently, Darren Campbell holds the top position, with an impressive record of 10.04 seconds. 


Who is the fastest footballer 2020?

It’s said that the new young talent Kylian Mbappe is topping the list of 2020.

Who is the fastest player in the Premier League 2020?

Right now the number one spot is kept by Kyle walker.

Who is the quickest footballer in the world?

In previous years Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the quickest but right now Kylian Mbappe has clocked the quickest on field and is ranked number one in speed.