Richest Football Clubs in the World

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Fans of football worship their favorite teams with their whole heart, and you’re sure to see how much passion they have for the game.

The game has an ever-expanding fanbase, and the value of the teams involved continually increases. However, an increase in value does not always reflect an increase in ranking.

The game will always be taken seriously by its fans, and it remains to be the most popular sport globally. Football players get special treatment wherever they go, and that doesn’t seem to be changing.

Top 5 Richest Football Clubs in the World

A football club gains more value if their team can win many matches because it results in more endorsement offers, commercials, ticket sales, and sponsors. Read on to find the richest clubs in the world.

#1 Barcelona – Total Value €3.6 Billion

The new giant is Barcelona as it’s currently the richest club in the world. The Catalan side was able to generate €322.6 million in commercial revenue from sponsorship deals in 2019, and Nike was their kit supplier. Their shirt sponsor was Qatar Airways.

They made almost €223m through their broadcast rights. Their matchday income was €144.8m because their ticket sales had a significant increase. 

#2 Real Madrid – Total Value €3.8 Billion

Real Madrid is the second-richest club in the world, with total revenue of €750.9m in 2020. Real Madrid earned €315.5m through their commercial deals from Emirates, their jersey sponsor, and Adidas as their kit supplier.

The club also made a total of €251.3m through broadcast rights and €143.4m from ticket sales.

#3 Manchester United – Total Value €3.4 Billion

They had a total revenue of €666m in 2019, and €316.1m was from sponsorship deals and merchandising. Manchester United gained a decent revenue amount from Chevrolet, their shirt sponsor, and their technical kit was sponsored by Adidas.

They earned €230.4m from broadcasting rights in 2020. Aside from that, Manchester United had a €119.5m matchday income through ticket sales.

#4 Bayern Munich – Total Value €2.7 Billion

Their total revenue for 2019 was €660.1m, which is about 42m more from the previous year. They earned over €348.7m through their deals with their jersey sponsor Deutsche Telekom and Adidas as their technical kit supplier.

Their broadcasting rights were sold at €176.7m, and they generated €103.8m worth of ticket sales.

#5 Manchester City – Total Value €2.4 Billion

Manchester City is the fifth-richest football club in the world, and it’s part of the Premier League club. They generated a total of €568.4m during the 2019 season, which earned them this prestigious ranking.

Their sponsorship deals and commercial tie-ups made revenue of €265.7m. 

The 5 Richest Football Clubs Owners

#1 – Dietrich Mateschitz

This Austrian billionaire businessman is worth £17.8 billion and is the co-founder of Red Bull Energy Drink company. Mateschitz is the owner of New York Red Bulls, Red Bull Salzburg, and RB Leipzig.

He prefers to keep a low profile, so his name might not ring a bell when you first hear it. However, he is the richest football club owner.

#2 – Sheikh Mansour

Sheikh Mansour is an Emirati politician and is the current deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates.

He is worth £17 billion and owns Manchester City (English Premier League), Melbourne City (Australian Professional Soccer), and New York City (Major League Soccer). Sheikh Mansour is also the half brother of the UAE’s president.

#3 – The Agnelli Family

The Agnelli family is a multi-industry business dynasty that is known for its contributions to automotive innovation, mainly to the automaker of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Their worth is £10.4 billion, and they own Juventus FC (Italian Serie A).

#4 – Philip Anschutz

Philip Anschutz is an American billionaire who is the owner of several energy plants, real estate, railroads systems, sports teams, and much more.

His worth is £10 billion, and he owns LA Galaxy Major (Major League Soccer). Philip also used to own Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival through AEG live before selling it in 2012.

#5 – Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovic is an Israeli-Russian businessman and politician billionaire who is worth £8.3 billion. He owns Chelsea FC (English Premier League). He bought Chelsea FC from Ken Bates for £140 million in 2003. 

The 5 Richest Football Clubs in England

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#1 – Manchester United – Total Revenue €711.5 million

Manchester United still holds its title as the richest English football club. It is also England’s most successful club based on the total trophies it has won. Its total revenue in 2019 was €711.5 million, giving them the top spot in this list.

#2 – Manchester City – Total Revenue €610.6 million

Manchester had its best season in 2019. They had an intense battle with Liverpool, which made them the first English club to earn a domestic treble because they won three trophies in one season.

Manchester City wanted to bag a Champions League win, but they lost. However, it did not affect their success and their revenue increased by €42.2 million.

#3 – Liverpool – Total Revenue €604.7 million

Liverpool had a 2019 Champions League glory and earned second place in the Premier League which gave them an increase in revenue of 17%. The increase in revenue is the reason why they have the number three spot in the richest football club in England.

#4 – Tottenham Hotspur – Total Revenue €521.1 million

Tottenham Hotspur’s incredible run in its 2018 and 2019 season had a great effect on their financial standing, which brings them to the fourth spot.

Their total revenue jumped from €428.3 million to €521.1 million in 2020. The increase made them jump from number six to the number four spot of the richest English football clubs.

#5 – Chelsea – Total Revenue €513.1 million

Through Roman Abramovich’s backing, it is rare to see Chelsea fall out of the top four. This Premier League team had a poor UEFA Champions League run in 2019, and they were also third place in the English division.          

Richest Football Clubs – Conclusion

With billions of fans around the globe, the teams that hold a spot in the richest football clubs in the world will continue to have supporters for years to come.

These players work and train hard to give you the best football, and they deserve all the recognition. In addition, which clubs have the highest ticket sales also helps you decide which team to choose next season. 


Who is the most profitable football club?

Today Real Madrid is toppin the list as the most profitable club of 2020.

Who is the richest footballer 2020?

Here is the top 5 list for the most profitable players of 2020
1. Christiano Ronaldo
2. David Beckham
3. Lionel Messi
4. Dave Whelan
5. Alexandre Pato

Who is the richest football club owner in England?

Manchester City is owned by the Abu Dhabi Group and Sheikh Mansour and tops the list of the richest club owner 2020.