Top information about Norway football

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The most famous and popular sport around the world. There are millions of viewers who never miss a match and not only watch their country’s league but also watch worldwide leagues and billions of dollars invested in betting sites.

Some describe it as a universal language that nearly everyone in the world can understand.

This is an article you can’t miss about soccer and a Scandinavian, home of Vikings, and a faraway country called Norway.

This guide will make it easy for you to know the top information about Norway football.

The Kingdom of Norway

It is a country in the far north of Europe. It is one of the Scandinavian countries along with Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, and one of the cold counties of Europe where snow is usually seen in the winter.

The capital city is Oslo and the official language is Norwegian. The famous history of the country is related to the Vikings and it is believed that the Norwegian Vikings discovered Iceland in the ninth century.

Furthermore, the country is known for its unspoiled nature including lakes, waterfalls, and woods that attract hikers and nature lovers.

History of football

It is the sport that unites all types of humans around the planet. If you have been wondering about the history of the game worry no more, we got you covered.

FIFA has recognized China as the first country to play an early form of game by kicking a stuffed ball through an opening into the net where the use of the hands was not allowed.

However, modern football as we know it was first played in Western Europe, specifically in England.

It has the highest television audience in sport and played by millions of players everywhere in the world.

Football around the world

All around the globe, it is recognized by the same word except for the United States of America and Canada where the game is known as soccer.

As popular as it is, many attempts were made to ban the game throughout history in many countries such as England, France, and Scotland. Women were banned from playing in England and Scotland in the early 20s, this ban was lifted in the 70s of the last century.

This never prevented it from being the most attractive sport which is played in the streets or reaching the far away northern county.

History of Norway football

football field

It is known that it is the most popular sport where there are more than a thousand clubs, more than 20000 teams, and hundreds of thousands of registered players.

The first international match played was after joining FIFA against Sweden in Gotenburg where the national team was defeated by 11 goals and in 1912 the team joined its first Olympic games where they were defeated again.

The national league was founded in 1914 with only six national teams. Coming from only 6 teams to 20000 teams shows the love of the game.

Norway national football team

The national team remains the team that was never beaten by Brazil with a playing record of 4 matches against the national team of Brazil including 2 wins and 2 draws.

The team was ranked number 44 by FIFA in 2020 and joined their World Cup competition 3 times.

However, the team never won the competition. The team’s biggest win was against Finland in 1946 when the game ended 12-0 and their biggest loss was against Denmark when they lost by 12 goals.

To this day this it is the heaviest ever defeat for the national team.

Women and football in Norway

Founded in 1978, it has one of the best women’s teams in Europe that is administered by the Football Association of Norway. The women’s national team had successfully won many competitions such as World Cups, Europian Championships, and Olympic games.

The biggest win of the team was against Slovakia in 1995 when they scored 17 goals and their biggest defeats were against Sweden and China when they lost by 5 goals.

The team was ranked number 12 by FIFA in 2020 which proves it one of the strongest women’s teams in the world.

The women’s team participated in 8 World Cup competitions and it won the cup in 1995 after defeating Germany by 2 goals in the final match.

The team joined 11 competitions of the European Championship and won 2 times, once in 1987 after beating Sweden in the finals and second time in 1993 after beating Italy. Because of their win in the World Cup, they qualified for the Olympic games.

However, after they lost the semi-finals to the USA, they managed to get rewarded the bronze medal after defeating Brazil.


Is football popular in Norway?

Yes, for sure. It’s the most popular sport in the country with over 20.000 teams.

When did Norway win the World Cup?

In 1995 the women took won the World Cup.

Does Norway have a football team?

Yes they do have a national team that represents this northern country.