How To Become a Football Agent

As one, you will help your clients (players) by taking care of their contracts and transfers. Besides professionally managing their personal issues in and outside the pitch, you will ensure that their media opportunities are perfectly taken care of.

If you have been wondering how to become a football agent, you will find in this piece reliable information to keep you on the right track on your journey toward becoming the glorified assistant.

Develop The Right Skills

Before you become one of the best ones, you need to gain an understanding of how the sport works. Try to fully understand regulation on both local and international levels.

Begin by going through the current rules regarding player statistics and other news. All this information can be retrieved from relevant online and offline resources.

Also, a good football agent should understand how transfers between clubs work both locally and internationally. Thankfully, these details are also available on the net.

Build a Network In The Football Industry

If you want to become a good one, then you should work on building a strong network in the soccer industry.

However, you want to ensure that you are building a robust network with the right individuals. Without their assistance, you might find it much harder to achieve success.

These individuals will help you determine potential signings and newer talents that you had not considered earlier. Note that you will rely on these people throughout your career.

Confirm Your Eligibility To Become a Football Agent

Once you have commenced building a strong network with the right individuals, you need to be sure about your eligibility to become a football agent.

Begin by checking and ensuring that you haven’t committed any financial or other serious crimes. You must also ascertain your right to residency and employment within the UU and its proximity.

Up to this level, you need to have been educated about in the contract law, as well as understand how the global market works.

Submit Application To National Football Association

Based on your nationality, look for and find an application form online. It is advisable to fill this application completely when there is still time. In the application, you will be asked to submit basic background information, so make sure to be 100% honest.

If there is an application fee required, make sure to submit it alongside the application form. Note that this is your initial step into becoming a licensed local or international agent.

Take a Written Exam

written exam

The Football Association will invite you for an exam if your application meets the criteria. The exam consists of twenty multiple-choice questions that seek to find out your understanding of regulations and transfers, and civil and contract laws.

You will be given at least 90 minutes to complete your exam and submit for review. There is always enough time for preparation since FIFA announces the dates for exams in January and June. Therefore, make sure to go prepared.

Work On Your Experience

If you pass the application process, you will be allowed to start working as a football agent. However, since you are starting as a beginner, it might take some time before you get known so that you attract bigger clients to begin working with you.

You need to be ready to work with new talents, undesirable talents, or a new agency as you work on your experience. While doing this, keep building your talent as you strengthen your network.

One thing to think about, you will make money depending on where you are with your career. Though renowned agents earn huge commissions, juniors are less likely to earn huge sums of money.

However, the fair part of this career is that there is a chance to go up the ladder. Make sure to work hard to develop your skills as you reinforce your network. If you follow the right steps, you will rise through the ranks and start representing top players.


How much do football agents earn?

The salaries range from a few thousand dollars up to million dollar contracts each year, but the latter is only for the more exclusive clubs

Do you need a football agent?

It’s needed if you want to be treated right and get paid as much as possible for your skills. If you are a talented player, you should definitely think of getting one to score the best contracts.

How do you become a football agent?

You need to study, have a business degree of some kind, and you need a great network. Also you need to have a great passion for this kind of work.